30 mai – 25 juillet 2015, MARAIS

Artists: Romain Bernini, Gil Heitor Cortesão, Russell Crotty, Oren Eliav, Dan McCarthy, Jean-Luc Moerman, Jacques Monory, Shanthamani. M

Jean-Luc Moerman

16 mai – 27 juillet 2013, MARAIS

“I started out drawing tattoos on models and politicians, to accompany these bodies. Thereʼs something very sensual about tattoos because theyʼre indelible and, to a degree, they get into the bloodstream. There is an analogy with wounds, which do not limit the process to relation to the body. It touches on the psyche. We all have wounds, we are all tattooed by life, whether on our flesh or in our soul. […] When I draw, I feel the connection with that energy which has always been there.”


JERK OFF – Festival alternatif

18 juin – 28 juin 2009, LOFT19